Printable Journal Prompts for Addiction Recovery [PDF]

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1. How am I feeling today?
2. What emotions am I experiencing right now?
3. What triggered these feelings?
4. Describe a moment when you felt tempted. How did you handle it?
5. What are some past successes in my recovery journey?
6. What lessons have I learned from previous setbacks?
7. What situations or emotions trigger my urge to use?
8. How can I avoid or manage these triggers?
9. What are my goals for this week?
10. What small steps can I take today to move closer to my recovery goals?
11. Where do I see myself in six months?
12. What are my aspirations beyond recovery?
13. List three things I am grateful for today.
14. Who in my life am I thankful for, and why?
15. Write down five positive affirmations for myself.
16. How can I remind myself of my strengths and achievements?
17. What are some healthy ways I can cope with stress?
18. Who can I reach out to when I need support?
19. Describe a mindfulness technique that helps me relax.
20. How can I incorporate mindfulness into my daily routine?
21. Who are the people supporting me in my recovery journey?
22. How can I strengthen my relationships with my support network?
23. What do I need to communicate to my loved ones about my recovery?
24. How can I improve my communication skills?
25. What progress have I made in the past month?
26. How has my mindset changed since I started my recovery journey?
27. What challenges have I overcome recently?
28. How did I feel after overcoming these challenges?
29. What new hobbies or interests have I discovered during my recovery?
30. How have my values and priorities changed?
31. What kind of person do I want to become?
32. How can I continue to grow and improve myself?
33. Write about a time when I felt particularly proud of myself.
34. How do I deal with negative emotions?
35. How can I be kinder to myself during difficult times?
36. What are some self-care practices that help me feel better?
37. What motivates me to stay on this recovery journey?
38. What are my top three strengths?
39. How can I leverage my strengths to support my recovery?
40. Describe a time when I successfully resisted a temptation.
41. How did I feel after overcoming a temptation?
42. What are the benefits I’ve noticed since starting my recovery?
43. What future goals do I want to set for myself?
44. How can I create a balanced and healthy lifestyle?
45. Who are my role models in recovery, and why?
46. What steps can I take to rebuild trust with loved ones?
47. What activities or practices bring me joy and peace?
48. How can I celebrate my milestones and achievements?
49. What does a fulfilling life look like to me?
50. What steps can I take today to move closer to my ideal life?

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