Printable Journal Prompts for Navigating Divorce [PDF]

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1. Reflect on the day you first met your former spouse. What hopes did you have for your future together?
2. Describe a moment in your marriage where you felt truly loved.
3. Write about a disagreement and what it taught you about communication.
4. List three things you would tell someone about to get married, based on your own experiences.
5. What were the initial signs that the relationship was changing?
6. How has your perception of love and marriage changed since your separation?
7. What emotions are you feeling today, and what can they teach you about your needs?
8. Write about a time when you felt let down in your marriage. What support did you wish you had?
9. What is a dream or goal you put aside for your relationship that you can now revive?
10. List five qualities you now want in future relationships.
11. Write a letter of forgiveness to your ex-spouse—whether you choose to send it or not.
12. What are some ways you can start forgiving yourself for things you blame yourself for?
13. Describe how you envision your ideal day now that you are single.
14. What are the silver linings of your current life situation?
15. Write about a tradition from your marriage that you would like to continue or modify for yourself.
16. How can you use your current feelings to guide your decisions moving forward?
17. What new hobby or interest would you like to explore now?
18. Reflect on a piece of advice you wish you had received before getting married.
19. Write a list of non-negotiables for your future relationships.
20. What has been your biggest challenge during the divorce process, and how have you addressed it?
21. Who has been your biggest supporter through this time, and what have they provided that has been most helpful?
22. Describe a day recently that was particularly hard. What made it tough, and how did you cope?
23. What does self-care look like to you now?
24. Reflect on your independence and what it means to you today.
25. What are some goals you have for this year that excite you?
26. List three things you’ve learned about yourself from the divorce.
27. What are you most proud of achieving since your separation?
28. How do you handle feelings of loneliness when they arise?
29. What are three daily or weekly rituals that bring you comfort or joy?
30. How can you be more compassionate towards yourself during tough days?
31. What is one thing you miss about being married, and how can you compensate for that loss in other ways?
32. Imagine a conversation with your future self, five years from now. What would they tell you?
33. What new traditions do you want to start this year?
34. How have your friendships or other relationships changed since your divorce?
35. What does healing look like to you, and how are you actively pursuing it?
36. Write about a moment when you felt a strong sense of closure from your past relationship.
37. What are the key strengths that have helped you navigate through your divorce?
38. How can you strengthen your support network to better support you moving forward?
39. Reflect on a compliment you received recently. How did it make you feel?
40. What are some constructive ways you can manage stress during this transitional period?
41. List three places you’d like to visit now that you’re starting a new chapter in your life.
42. What have been the most helpful resources (books, articles, therapies, etc.) during your divorce?
43. How do you feel about dating again, and what steps do you feel you need to take to be ready?
44. What has this change taught you about resilience?
45. Describe a perfect day in your new life.
46. How can you more fully embrace the changes that have come with your divorce?
47. What is something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time or opportunity for before now?
48. How has your routine changed, and what new routine would you like to establish?
49. Write a letter to your future partner, describing who you are at this stage of your life.
50. Reflect on how you’ve grown since the beginning of the divorce process and celebrate your progress.

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